Flower Beds and Landscaping

The Details

The Challenge

The task was to completely landscape a brand-new home, encompassing a variety of services including dirt work, sod installation, flowerbed creation, mulching, and cleaning the concrete surfaces, all within an incredibly tight two-day window. The property, measuring 7,230 square feet, required extensive coordination, skilled labor, and efficient execution to meet the homeowner’s expectations and deadline. The homeowner desired a pristine, well-manicured landscape that would enhance the beauty and value of their new home. The estimated total for the project was $15,000, making it essential to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget.

The Solution

Express Lawn Care rose to the challenge with a comprehensive and meticulously planned approach, ensuring that every aspect of the project was completed to perfection. Here’s how we successfully transformed the property within the two-day timeframe:

Comprehensive Planning and Coordination

  1. Initial Assessment:

    • Conducted a thorough site inspection to evaluate the existing conditions and understand the homeowner’s vision.
    • Created a detailed plan, outlining each phase of the project to ensure efficient execution.
  2. Team Allocation:

    • Deployed a large, skilled team to handle different aspects of the project simultaneously, maximizing productivity.
    • Assigned a project manager to oversee daily progress and ensure all tasks were completed on schedule.

Efficient Execution of Landscaping Services

  1. Dirt Work:
    • Excavation and Grading: Prepared the ground by removing debris, leveling the surface, and ensuring proper drainage.
    • Soil Preparation: Enhanced soil quality by incorporating organic matter and nutrients, creating an optimal environment for sod and plants.
  2. Sod Installation:
    • Selection and Delivery: Chose high-quality sod appropriate for the local climate and soil conditions.
    • Laying Sod: Expertly laid sod in an organized pattern to ensure seamless coverage and immediate curb appeal.
    • Watering: Applied a thorough initial watering to promote root establishment and healthy growth.
  3. Flowerbed Creation:
    • Design and Layout: Designed aesthetically pleasing flowerbeds to complement the home’s architecture and enhance visual appeal.
    • Soil Enrichment: Prepared flowerbeds with nutrient-rich soil and organic compost to support plant health.
    • Planting: Carefully selected and planted a variety of flowers and shrubs, ensuring proper spacing and arrangement for optimal growth and beauty.
  4. Mulching:
    • Material Selection: Chose premium mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance the appearance of the flowerbeds.
    • Application: Evenly applied mulch around plants and flowerbeds, ensuring a clean and polished look.
  5. Concrete Cleaning:
    • Surface Preparation: Cleared debris and dirt from concrete surfaces, including driveways and walkways.
    • Pressure Washing: Used high-pressure washing equipment to remove stains and grime, restoring the concrete’s original appearance.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

  1. Final Inspection:
    • Conducted a thorough inspection to ensure all landscaping elements were installed correctly and met our high-quality standards.
    • Addressed any final adjustments or touch-ups needed to perfect the landscape.
  2. Customer Walkthrough:
    • Provided a detailed walkthrough with the homeowner, explaining the work completed and offering maintenance tips.
    • Ensured the homeowner was fully satisfied with the results, leaving them with a beautifully landscaped property.

By the end of the two-day period, Express Lawn Care successfully transformed the 7,230 square foot property, delivering a pristine and well-manicured landscape. The project was completed on time and within the estimated cost of $15,000, showcasing our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Square Feet


Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Our Values Make A Difference


The Results Were Amazing

  • On-Time Completion 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 98% 98%
  • Quality of Work 95% 95%
  • Budget Adherence 100% 100%

The team at Express Lawn Care did an incredible job! They transformed our yard into a beautiful landscape within just two days, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

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